Custom Decks

//Custom Decks
Eagle Eye Builder Group builds quality custom decks of all sizes, for all budgets!


Do you need to make better use of your outdoor living space?

Perhaps you would like to create a new, cozy deck area in a large space.

Then you need a custom-designed decks by Eagle Eye Builder Group.

We will spend the time to outline the your options for your deck, and explain the benefits and pricing options for materials like pressure treated wood, cedar, PVC and composite.

All of our decks include pressure treated joists, concrete piers, and a concrete landing for which the steps land on. We also will not attach directly to the vinyl siding. We take the time to peel back the siding, and water barrier, place a drip cap over the ledger board, reattach the water barrier then reinstall the siding for proper water shed away from the home.

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Cedar: Nothing compares to the look and feel of cedar decking. The decking is almost rot resistant if used under the correct conditions. The decking will need to be sealed every few years to help retain its natural warmth and beauty.

Pressure Treated: These decks will last for quite some compared to cedar but can turn ugly if care is not provided. For this deck to look good and last a long time quality pressure treated is essential, look for premium or select wood.

Composite: If laying one and only one deck in the life of your home is the goal then composite is best. Composite won’t shrink, warp, or twist like natural wood. The color fades uniformly but, the cost is quite a bit more than the other two options.

Our range of skills also include:

  •      Gates
  •      Bench Seating
  •      Flower boxes
  •      Gazebos
  •      Outdoor Lighting
  •      Pergolas

Custom Decks